Tips for Throwing Your 21st Birthday Party

Now that you’re armed with great 21st birthday ideas, you need to think about the logistics for throwing the party.  It’s not difficult, but it does require some preplanning.

First, it’s obviously great to have your 21st birthday party on your actual birthday, but that doesn’t always work for people.  If any of your friends are already working, you’ll want to delay the party until the weekend.  In fact, Saturday nights are generally better than Fridays as people have had a change to recover from the week and get some sleep. Utilize the tools at your disposal like Facebook or a spreadsheet to control the guest list, and make sure your guests know how many friends they are allowed to bring.  If you’re going out after the party, keep in mind which bars you’d like to get into and how hard entrance is with big groups.  With house parties, it’s also always a good idea to tell the neighbors about the party and give them your phone number if things get out of control. That can potentially save you a lot of headaches with the Police.

Most of your planning time should be spent on the theme or feel of the party and supporting it with music, lighting, food and drink.  Parties where everything just fits get everyone excited and ensure that everyone has a great time.  Go through the party types on this site to make sure you’ve got everything prepared.  Don’t forget: have non-alcoholic drinks as well as some snacks to help your guests from getting too carried away.

Finally, throwing theme parties can require spending some money.  If you’ve invited a large group of people, don’t feel ashamed to put out a donations plate to help cover your costs.  Most of all, be sure to get your work done in advance so you can sit back, relax and entertain your guests!

General Party Tips

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